Work in progress

“When entering a new place I feel like going into somebody’s life or reading somebody’s diary”.
The idea of my project is to juxtapose ways of living in Polish and English countryside by showing their inhabitants
in their own interiors as well as outdoor surroundings. I try to capture the richness of differences and similarities
of these two places in a bigger detail, focusing on my own, personal vision. The topic came to me after moving 
to the UK from a tiny village of Palmowo in central Poland, where I spent most of my life, experiencing the rural 
aspects of life, and that is why perhaps I can see things, which others are not able to. On the other hand, however,
I have been living in the UK for the past five years and I feel that I have become a part of the local culture as well, 
what in a way obligates me to bring these two realities and people’s mentalities closer to each other by capturing 
and showing things, which can make, that we will know more about our two different worlds of the Western 
and former Eastern Europe and as a consequence about ourselves as well.